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We are Cherry Road Nursery, your garden centre in Newcastle for over 30 years

Cherry Road Nursery is a medium-sized boutique nursery situated away from the hustle and bustle of retail hubs in the quiet residential street of Cherry Road in the suburb of Eleebana. 

Cherry Road Nursery was established in 1980 and has not only developed to be a modern and inspirational retailer of all things ‘garden’ but has grown to be a one-stop experience for fantastic lifestyle products. The showroom is filled with unique home decorating features and finding a special gift for that someone special is made easy. 

Indoor plants have become extremely popular, and the range is huge. There are many unusual specimens for the plant collector, a great selection of larger established plants to feature in the home, and a fabulous selection of all of the tried and true favourites.

The Cherry Road Nursery pot and garden décor range is massive and many of the pots, statues, and garden décor items are sourced and imported directly by the business. This ensures a great selection of unique styles and designs available at the very best prices.  

The local area has an excellent gardening climate with lots of sunshine, good fertile soil, and reliable rainfall. Cherry Road has always been passionate about plants and gardening. There is a fantastic offer of the best quality plants that thrive in the local conditions. The Cherry Road team are friendly, helpful and have the best advice to help to achieve the best results. 

The convenience of the onsite bulk landscape supplies area ensures that everything needed to complete the project is readily available. Customer’s vehicles can be loaded with the desired product or delivery is available as required. 

Good results come from good advice. Customers are able to enjoy the Free Garden Design Service offered by Cherry Road Nursery. Discover this fantastic service on this website or ask in the nursery and find out how the team at Cherry Road Nursery can work with you to create something great together. 

The Cherry Road Café was added as another highlight of the Cherry Road Nursery experience in 2015. Enjoy wonderful coffee, tasty meals, and delightful treats surrounded by beautiful plants, flowers, and the freshness of nature. 

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